September 2010

Selections from Lazio and Abruzzo

Merlano DOP, Muraccio, Trappetto di Caprifico DOP Organic, and Olio Sapora Organic

We have found tremendous unsung heros in the olive oil world in the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo. While Lazio may be well-known as the region of Rome, the region’s olive oils do not have the cachet of those from Tuscany or Sicily. Abruzzo is a less-traveled area, and so there are fewer tourists seeking to reclaim memories of their trips.

You are missing something if you haven’t tried an olive oil from Lazio or Abruzzo. Together the two regions span the mid-section from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic.

For traditional recipes from Abruzzi and Lazio, we like the ItalianMade site from the Italian Trade Commission.

Tenuta di Ferento has a Facebook page, and you can “like” them here. A full selection of Tenuta di Ferento’s products may be purchased on the Olio2go web site.

Olio2go's favorites from Campania

Olive Oil, Pasta, and Jam from Campania

What will they think of next? De-Stoned Olive Oil? To some producers, De-Stoned Olive Oil is a choice made for “better” flavor characteristics and some find the oil to be sweeter when the stones or pits are removed before pressing.

Our new selection is RARO Denocciolato Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Salerno area of Campania. Denocciolato means that this is a de-stoned oil.

At Olio2go, we also carry Gargiulo’s Venus Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sorrento,  pastas from Pastificio Vicidomini near Naples, and Maida Pere e Noci Jam from Salerno.

To make the most of these traditional oils, pasta, and jam, we sought a good reference for recipes that are representative of the region. Take a look at the recipes on the site of the Italian Trade Commission and also the more user-friendly recipes at RusticoCooking.

A notable review and Bruschetta recipe

Perfect with summer tomatoes

Another great review has been garnered for La Poderina Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The name is a mouthful, as we must add that it is a Seggianese monocultivar, organically certfied, and with the IGP Toscano designation.  You can see the review here.

The blogger is part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, and they appreciate the “GREEN” story of La Poderina Toscana IGP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They’ve taken the “green movement” to heart. The farm is organic and the energy for the pressing comes from photovoltaic energy cells. The farm uses biomass heating as well for hot water and to heat the farm house. We can’t think of another producer who so eliminated or reduced outside energy sources. (At Olio2go, we almost want to apologize for using an ocean-freighter to bring the oil to the U.S.)