November 2010 - Gift Pick Winner 2010

Livio Pesle Aceto Balsamico di Modena aka Livio Pesle Balsamic Vinegar Wine Jelly has been recognized by Food411 as a Holiday Gift Pick. It’s a “classy little gift”. You can see the full list here.

To jump straight to this great jelly (buy 6, it makes a wonderful gift!), go here to visit Olio2go and place your order before we run out.

The Olive Oil Times has published an outstanding article on the Tuscan estate, Castello del Trebbio, and the family of Anna Baj Macario. There’s even a discussion of the new oil, which, by the way, is already on the way to us. This article reveals the estate’s role in Italian history (think: de Medici), the production of great olive oil, and thoughts on quality (and adulteration). If you are planning a trip to Tuscany, a visit to the estate should be on your must-do list.

While we have just a few bottles of Castello del Trebbio 2009 remaining, there’s a ship crossing the Atlantic with 2010 Raccolto on board. Of course, we’ll send an email when it is available, but if you’d like personal, early notice just send us an email.

Tasting Table has just published this recipe for Olive Oil Pound Cake with Glazed Apples, and the combination is frankly, magical. Thinking about Olio2go’s selection the first two extra virgin olive oils that come to mind for this just dessert are Olio del Carmine and Principe di Mascio DOP. Both have just the right combination of fruity and not-too-intense to make the most of this delightful dessert.

It must be Italy!Congrats and Kudos to the Italian Language Foundation for their work in reinstating the course and exam for AP Italian. We love to see the study of Italian culture by students in the U.S. Take at look at the articles that ran in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Thanks to significant cooperation among the College Board, Italian government, Italian Language Foundation, and Italian-American groups, funding is in place to resume AP Italian Language and Culture.

Please encourage your schools and the students you know to request this high school course.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

This Washington Post recipe is one that I make often, without a recipe. It’s a great weeknight meal. For variety, add a little sqeeze of lemon for tang.

Would you care for a recommendation? Among the great selections on the pantry, we would reach for Trappeto di Caprifico or Colli Etruschi — great extra virgin olive oils from Olio2go.