December 2011

Frescobaldi First Pressing — fresh, zingy, pungent, aromatic, stunning, peppery, and flavorful! Or fruity, artichoke, herbaceous, complex, buttery, pungent!

Tenuta di Capezzana Olio Nuovo — this oil bring forth various characteristics from year to year. This year’s blend is somewhat milder and buttery than the past year’s selection. Flavor notes: hint of green tea, nutty, buttery, clean, soft, peppery finish. Together with the Frescobaldi, this shows the range of characteristics in Tuscan olive oils.

La Poderina Toscana — continues to be a masterful extra virgin olive oil, crafted by Davide Borselli, and well-deserving of the Association 3E recognition. New Label.

Mascio Novello — from the producers of Principe di Mascio, this rustic oil brings for the raw goodness of olive oil. Packed with intense flavor characteristics, this will enliven flavorful dishes. From Umbria.

ImageWe handwrite almost every note that accompanies Olio2go gift orders. (For large gift orders, we may print them!) In doing so, we get to see really wonderful and appreciative notes, accompanying fabulous gifts.

Whether accompanying terrific olive oil, truly special balsamic vinegar, artisanal pasta, or tempting biscotti, we’ve found our favorites..beyond Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Thank you to the parents of the bride from the parents of the groom

A thank you for hosting a lovely engagement party

Best wishes for weddings and anniversaries

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Notes sent with souvenirs and reminiscences of trips to Italy

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