Argiolas Iolao Extra Virgin Olive Oil from SardiniaEmily Chandler’s new store, Piazza Italian Market, was favorably reviewed (of course!) in the Sunday Star (Easton, MD, 1/4/09).  In the interview, Emily mentioned the Sardinian extra virgin olive oil,  Argiolas Iolao, “…tastes like green leaves, bitter olives, orange zest–it’s a dry, kind of earthy olive oil” that can be used on grilled mushrooms or swordfish.

Our course, we have Argiolas Iolao at Olio2go. It’s one of our favorites.  We also have it in a Gift Set with the Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey Sardinian Cookbook.

In checking Olio2go’s online listings, we often notice those of our competitors. We don’t click on their ads, but we do visit their sites to check pricing and descriptions. So many of the descriptions are weak and insufficient to the great olive oils. Most disconcertingly, some listings don’t carry information on the harvest year. Before customers plunk down $40 for a bottle of olive oil, shouldn’t they know what harvest year they are purchasing? The next unknown: has it been well stored?

We’ve added two new extra virgin (of course!) olive oils to the site this week: Argiolas Iolao from Sardinia, and Sicilian Gold DOP Val di Mazara, a sister product to Athena.