Click to Listen: Taste Matters Episode with Nancy Harmon Jenkins (#125)

We’ve just discovered the Heritage Radio Network and enjoyed listening to this superb interview with Nancy Harmon Jenkins. The interview covers many important topics — Olive Oil is covered in the first 11 minutes — including our central focus on Italian Olive Oil. The Mediterranean Diet, lifestyle, cooking with olive oil, Slow Food, and ancient grains (like farro) are included. Listen to Nancy and then visit Olio2go for Italy’s Finest Olive Oil.

Tucci_CookbookOver a hundred years ago, my Tucci ancestors emigrated from Campobasso. Syracuse is the first point of residence that I remember and a branch settled in Cortland by the early 20th Century. We still think of Cortland as the home to our branch of the Tuccis.

Several years ago, we had the opportunity to meet Stanley Tucci’s sister, Christine – on Christmas, no less. It seems that if we search long enough we could find a common point between our Tuccis in Campobasso and theirs in Calabria.

Just this week, while reading Vincent Scordo’s Blog, we realized that Stanley Tucci’s The Tucci Cookbook, was something that would be great fun to have, hold, and display at home. (We have a copy in the store, if you would like to see it). As soon as Olio2go’s holiday rush subsides, I plan to savor each page as I look through for recipes common to our families’ heritage.  

I may be responsible for a blip in the book’s sales as I purchased several copies for gifts for Christmas 2012.

ImageWe handwrite almost every note that accompanies Olio2go gift orders. (For large gift orders, we may print them!) In doing so, we get to see really wonderful and appreciative notes, accompanying fabulous gifts.

Whether accompanying terrific olive oil, truly special balsamic vinegar, artisanal pasta, or tempting biscotti, we’ve found our favorites..beyond Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Thank you to the parents of the bride from the parents of the groom

A thank you for hosting a lovely engagement party

Best wishes for weddings and anniversaries

Get well wishes

Notes sent with souvenirs and reminiscences of trips to Italy

And a few private jokes! (we will laugh, but we won’t tell!)

In this holiday season, budgets are more important that ever. We have great suggestions for authentic extra virgin olive oil gifts to fit your budget at every level:


Gemini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gemini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Under $25
Il Frantoio Amelia, Umbria
Canonica Verde, Umbria

Under $30
Castello del Trebbio, Tuscany
Ravida, Sicily
Librandi, Calabria

Under $35
Panizzi, Tuscany
Zafferano, Abruzzo
Tasca, Regaleali, Sicily
Trappeto di Caprafico, Abruzzo
Olio del Carmine

Top of the Line Single Bottles, Under $50

Olio del Castelluccio, Sicily
Altesino, Tuscany
Villa Zottopera Biologica DOP, Sicily
Melano DOP, Lazio
Avignonesi, Tuscany
Marfuga L’affiorante, Umbria

Totally Tops!
Villa Magra Gran Cru, Tuscany
Gemini, Tuscany and Sicily
Olio de la Marchia, Ascolana, March

Azienda del Carmine, Frantoio and Leccino Gift Set

Azienda del Carmine, Frantoio and Leccino Gift Set

At Olio2go, we’re getting ready for the holiday season. The Novello oils will be shipping to customers in the next two weeks, and the gift packages are being assembled.

Award winning olive oil from Azienda del Carmine in Marche

Award winning olive oil from Azienda del Carmine in Marche

As we approach the holiday season amidst an “unusual” economic time, I can’t think of better gifts than food gifts. Food is a necessity, and nice food makes dining a pleasure. Is that too simple? Fine extra virgin Italian olive oil makes a superb gift for several reasons:

It’s different from wine!
Anyone can give wine. OK, anyone over 21 can give wine as a gift, but wine can also be complicated. Do you know your varietals and vintages? Does the recipient? Does the recipient have a medical or religous reason that prevents them from enjoying a nice Pinot Grigio?

It’s good for you!
It doesn’t feature the sodium or cholesterol burdens of other foods, and can add delightfully to many portions of a meal. It’s the best fat — good enough to have a qualified health claim from the FDA. The simplest appetizer — a loaf of bread and a flavorful bottle of olive oil. Add it to soups or vegetables, add a swirl over a steak, begin or finish a risotto….

Your Recipients will appreciate it!
They may think of olive oil as a splurge rather than a necessity, but they’ll try and enjoy your gourmet gift!

You can order it online and have it shipped! At Olio2go, we’re preparing holiday gift selections to make the Winter Holidays easier for you. It’s perfect for Christmas and Hanukkah, and it’s a terrific hostess gift throughout the year.