We’re always pleased when a reputable news organization does an accurate story on olive oil. NPR just ran an updated story on olive oil and we’re here to support most of what they had to say.  To Get the Benefits of Olive Oil Fresh May Be Best. You can listen to the story and read associated content (and see pictures here).

What we liked:

Accurate information on fresh olive oil, storage, and how soon to consume a bottle once opened.

What we didn’t like: 

The named California producer, label photo included, that shows a best-by date more than two years from harvest. Yes, we understand that the oil may be well stored under optimal conditions, but when we find this oil in the grocery store, under harsh lights, it’s doubtful that it has lasting power to reach that long best by date.

If you are seeking the Antioxidants (polyphenols and hydroytyrsol) as mentioned in the story, you can read our blog post on polyphenols here, and on the Olio2go site, you can find them here.

Some cultivars will hold their flavors longer than others. We always recommend that you store your bottles in a cool, dark place, and once opened consume within four months.

A reminder on our mission:

It is our goal to sell out of each harvest’s oil as the new oils arrive. While many selections will have even longer best by dates, it is our goal to provide you with the freshest Italian extra virgin olive oil, with each turn of the harvest.

by Barry Sears

This book references the olive oils at Olio2go

We receive many requests for olive oils with notable levels of hydroxytyrosol as indicated by the peppery flavors.

Many of these requests come to us from readers of Dr. Barry Sears’ book, The Anti-Inflammation Zone. (Olio2go is mentioned on page 92). Those readers and other Zone Diet followers have been looking for top olive oils for their diets.

As such, they have been on a quest for olive oils with high levels of hydroxytyrosol. As there is no standard test for hydroxytyrosol, the best indicator is the polyphenol level.

Several Olio2go selections have been popular choices. We have included polyphenol levels or indicators in the descriptions for the following extra virgin olive oils to help Zone Diet followers make their selections:

Principe di Mascio DOP Colli Assisi Spoleto (2011, 510 mg/kg)

Marfuga L’affiorante (2012, 534 mg/kg)

Fattoria di Monti Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2012, 722 mg/kg)

Fattoria di Monti RAZZO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2012, 751 mg/kg)

Villa Magra Gran Cru (544)

Olio Beato Organic (level not stated, but a very popular selection)