Dario Cecchini's Perfect Seasoning SaltWe love our customers and this is a special shout out to Kevin who gave us the great idea to import Profumo del Chianti for our customers. This is a remarkable steak salt crafted by a master of Tuscan steaks. This salt comes with a story, just like so many of the artisanal products we carry.

Dario Cecchini has built a cadre of small businesses in Panzano, located on the Chianti road between Florence and Siena. The story begins with Antica Macelleria Cecchini (the famous butcher shop), and his steak journey continues with “Mac Dario” (for burgers!),  the upper-end Officina della Bistecca, and SoloCiccia (featuring unusual cuts of grass-fed beef).

Dario Cecchini is referred to as a Dante-quoting butcher in Panzano, Tuscany, and there have been several articles on Dario in the past few years. A treasure trove of videos can be found on YouTube, and a sampling of articles can be found through these links:

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The New Yorker (a great story!)


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And, if you’d like to read up on Dario Cecchini and practice your Italian, then you’d best visit his blog. Feeling adventurous? Try this Inside Tuscany Tour with Il Chiostro.

Sunday’s Los Angeles Times has a great How I Made It piece featuring noted chef, Mario Batali.  From his writings, we know he’s a big fan of olive oil in general and Capezzana in particular. Here are Olio2go’s favorite quotes from the Times piece:

Essential ingredient: Extra virgin olive oil. “I use it in just about every single thing I ever make, including desserts.”

Key to Italian cooking: “It’s less about the hand of the chef and more about the quality of the ingredients. The greatest dishes in Italian cooking have removed all that white noise and it’s all about that little noodle and the perfect peas and the Parmesan,” he said.