Agrumato Lemon HerbFabulous food blogger Adri Barr Crocetti took Agrumato Lemon & Herbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a test drive.

“…because the olives are pressed simultaneously with the lemons the oil exhibits a remarkable harmony of flavor…”

She packs recipe ideas into her post…with snacking ideas and a marvelous Fresh Mushroom and Herb Salad. If you are wondering about the Nepitella as we were, AllThingsTuscan has a post as well.

Click here for the blog post and recipes.

Nepitella seeds can be purchased here.

Olio Verde pressed with Lemons!

Outstanding Olio Verde pressed with Lemons

Olio Verde al Limone was introduced to the U.S. with the 2008 harvest, and it has returned with a bang. (What’s Italian for bang?) This flavorful gem has recently been named a Silver Finalist in the SOFI Awards. The top awards, the Gold Awards, will be named at the Fancy Food Show in NYC in June. UPDATE: Olio Verde al Limone won a GOLD AWARD on 28 July 2010 at the Fancy Food Show!

Available at Olio2go.

Olio Verde al Limone

Olio Verde al Limone

More inspiration in a bottle!  The arrival of Olio Verde al Limone at Olio2go was enough to change our dinner plans.  Suddenly inspired by a fresh new flavor, the simplest cheese ravioli set the stage for this lemony goodness.  Each pasta bowl was filled with a few ravioli, a dollop of ricotta, a drizzle of Olio Verde lemon oil, and a dusting of freshly ground sea salt and pepper. More ethereal than a squeeze of lemon, “al Limone” brought forth clear flavors demonstrating that the simplest presentations can result in the most satisfying of meals.

With a salad of field greens (in a bowl rubbed with garlic and tossed with Santisi Novello (that 750 ml bottle lasts a long time!), Manicardi 12, and freshly ground salt and pepper). All this meal needed was a little plate of cookies and a bowl of fruit for dessert.