Click to Listen: Taste Matters Episode with Nancy Harmon Jenkins (#125)

We’ve just discovered the Heritage Radio Network and enjoyed listening to this superb interview with Nancy Harmon Jenkins. The interview covers many important topics — Olive Oil is covered in the first 11 minutes — including our central focus on Italian Olive Oil. The Mediterranean Diet, lifestyle, cooking with olive oil, Slow Food, and ancient grains (like farro) are included. Listen to Nancy and then visit Olio2go for Italy’s Finest Olive Oil.

A grove in Tuscany

A grove in Tuscany

According to Psychology Today, new research shows that the Mediterranean Diet is linked to a lower incidence of Depression!  We feel happier already! At Olio2go, you can enjoy 85+ extra virgin olive oil selections and other goodies from the Mediterranean Diet including balsamic vinegar, fig jam, Genovese Pesto, and Chestnut Honey.