For years, the most reputable producers have followed the tradition of the dating olive oil by harvest year, noted as the year in which the harvest began.

In the Northern Hemisphere, whether Italy, Spain or California, the olive harvest takes place October to January. This is October and the current harvest is known as the 2014 harvest. When the olive trees are still being picked in January, this will continue to be labeled as the 2014 harvest.

But in an effort to prove faux freshness, and one-ups-man-ship, California producers have decided that we are already in the midst of the 2015 harvest. That nomenclature may work for automobiles, but we think it is a bit rotten for olive oil.

Our preferences in order:

2014 harvest

2014/2015 if you must, or clearly:

Harvest 2014/Released 2015

Don’t be deceived by this new dating schema developed by Californians. Think before you buy.

For more information, see this article in the Olive Oil Times.


Phil Noto called from Sicily today to provide an update on the harvest at Santisi. It’s a very good year, with a plentiful harvest and an exceptional quality olive oil. The oil is sweet to the palate, and yet, the novello is very peppery, as it should be! Santisi is crafted from Sant’Agatese olives are grown in the province of Messina. 

While Santisi extra vergine is a monocultivar of Sant’Agatese, a nearby estate produces a “biologica” (EU Certified Organic) oil with Nocellara Messinese — the lovely purple olives in the photo. (You can click to enlarge the photos for a better view). The gentleman with the donkey is another neighbor taking part in the annual ritual of bringing his olives to the press. Lastly, in the final stages notice the lovely green olive coming from the press, guided by Phil’s “cousin” Angelo Noto. (In my family everyone’s a cousin!)

  At Olio2go we have the 2011 Santisi Novello  in stock.  (October 31, 2008; links updated March 2012.)