Take a look at Laura's video recipe.

We love to see what bloggers do with our great products. Take a look at this video from Laura in the Kitchen. She loves Vicidomini Pasta! Her Veggie Pasta Bake is a very popular recipe on her site. This recipe selection features Vicidomini Penne e Ziti Rigati.

Domenica Marchetti's Glorious Pasta of Italy Cookbook

Every now and then there’s a cookbook that becomes part of the family treasure, holding more memories than the sterling silver, to be passed through the generations. Years from now grandchildren will refer to the dates and notes in the margins and marvel over the recipes. That is my prediction for Domenica Marchetti’s Glorious Pasta of Italy.

With this book, I am tempted to place flour and eggs in a mound on the counter and start mixing. My daughters and I are looking forward to plying loops of pasta for Macheroni alla Mulinara Domus. Until then, top quality dry pasta (such as Pastificio Vicidomini’s selections) will have to suffice.
Spaghetti alla Carbonara (with Spaghetti Chitarra and Titone) kicked off our Glorious Pasta experiences. Our second meal was BLT Bucatini (olive oil: Crudo). On Friday night warm Sweet Pasta Puffs finished our al fresco meal late in the evening.Last night we enjoyed Gemelli with Fresh Herbs and Chopped Olives. (Our olive oil? Principe di Mascio).

This is a bit like sharing a family secret. Buy this book for the achievable recipes and the joy it will add to your meals with family and friends.

Visit Domenica’s blog, Domenica Cooks, for more ideas and recipes.

Special thanks to the ProudItalianCook blog for the reviews of Olio Verde Novello, Vicidomini Pappardelle, and Villa Cappelli Asparagus. Take a look at her photos!

Photo: ProudItalianCook blog

Photo Credit: Washington Post

This Washington Post recipe is one that I make often, without a recipe. It’s a great weeknight meal. For variety, add a little sqeeze of lemon for tang.

Would you care for a recommendation? Among the great selections on the pantry, we would reach for Trappeto di Caprifico or Colli Etruschi — great extra virgin olive oils from Olio2go.

Olio2go's favorites from Campania

Olive Oil, Pasta, and Jam from Campania

What will they think of next? De-Stoned Olive Oil? To some producers, De-Stoned Olive Oil is a choice made for “better” flavor characteristics and some find the oil to be sweeter when the stones or pits are removed before pressing.

Our new selection is RARO Denocciolato Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Salerno area of Campania. Denocciolato means that this is a de-stoned oil.

At Olio2go, we also carry Gargiulo’s Venus Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sorrento,  pastas from Pastificio Vicidomini near Naples, and Maida Pere e Noci Jam from Salerno.

To make the most of these traditional oils, pasta, and jam, we sought a good reference for recipes that are representative of the region. Take a look at the recipes on the site of the Italian Trade Commission and also the more user-friendly recipes at RusticoCooking.

Rosselli del Turco, DOP Chianti Classico

This peppery oil, with bitter elements, made him cough! With joy, we hope!

We first heard of Scordo’s Pasta Challenge and we just had to send pasta for his master list! He’s also had the opportunity to enjoy La Poderina Toscana IGP, Rosselli del Turco DOP Chianti Classico, and Canonica Verde’s Umbrian Spice Blend. Click here for his review of those Olio2go products.  Read his blog for the best in Italian food and traditions across the Atlantic.

Before the summer ends, I’d like to share a few more of the photos of the fabulous market.

Take a look at these, then jump over to Olio2go for fabulous olive oils and pasta!