We’re thrilled with today’s article in the Washington Post. Jane Black reveals the new Association 3E, Super Premium Olive Oil — and we have one at Olio2go. In fact, it’s selling quickly. It is Davide Borselli’s La Poderina Toscana.

You can read more about La Poderina Toscana and Association 3E in Olive Oil Tasting: An Italian in California.

For a Free Ranging discussion on olive oil, you may wish to read this. But we must warn you, we are not big fans of the fill-your-own stores. We believe in supporting the small olive farmer through sales of estate-bottled olive oil. Think about it, would you fill wine bottles from a tap at the store?

On this Sunday morning, The Washington Post’s feature story in Travel appeared to be about Hoboken. In reality four stories had elements of Italy! Below the fold, Baroque and Happy in the Noto Valley, covered the Ragusa area of Sicily. Going Our Way: Braving the Old Country on Your Own, featured 9 days on the road in Sicily (note to the Post: why no map?). The Navigator: When in Rome, Watch Your Driving, revealed nasty nasty parking tickets and other vehicle violations arriving months after pleasant trips in Italy. And the Hoboken article? All about Buddy Valastro (aka TLC’s Cake Boss), the Italian American cake baker in his family’s 100year old bakery in Hoboken (Carlo’s), and jaunts to his friends’ locations: Picolo’s Cheesesteaks, and Fiore’s Deli. Ah, the interweavings of Italian American lives, with cannoli and mozzarella in America.

The Navigator piece also featured Kathy McCabe, our friend who publishes the Dream of Italy newsletter. Many Olio2go customers have received sample issues with their fantastic olive oil deliveries!

Washington Post Online

Washington Post Online

We’re thrilled with today’s mention ~ Olive Oil with Pedigree ~  in the Washington Post food blog, All We Can Eat!

It was so fun to be interviewed by Jane Black, and even better to see the story in pixels.

She did a great job with our focus on the best Italian extra virgin olive oils and pantry products. Kudos to San Damiano, Olio Beato, Olio Verde, Marfuga L’affiorante, Villa Cappelli and Casa Forcelli Mostarda!